How to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Ceiling

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Have you unleashed the full potential of your ceiling? Have you ever thought about what else you could do with that space? And how it could be used to your advantage? 

Perhaps you are looking at your ceiling now and thinking about it...

Let’s face it – some of the most incredible things in the world are located on a ceiling. Whether it’s Michelangelo’s incredible fresco on the Sistine Chapel, or pillars of the most spectacular domes all throughout Europe and the rest of the world, looking up in wonder is a fundamental part of human existence.

And of course, there is the “natural” ceiling of the world: the sky, the heavens, where the rest of the universe resides. And we, the human species, have been drawn to it ever since the very beginning.

Ceilings can also be the central focal point for a house as well. Whether the home has beautiful crown molding, a well-placed chandelier or other light fixture, or simply tall ceilings, for many people, how the ceiling looks is a determining factor in an apartment’s or home’s attractiveness.

But have you ever thought of what the ceiling could offer in terms of smart home? The answer is: an enormous amount.
The list is long, but we’ve boiled it down to our favorite top five reasons.

The Five Best Reasons Why the Ceiling Is the Undiscovered Jewel of Smart Home:

1. Perfect place to take measurements

Smart Home Ceiling Installation

The ceiling is indeed the perfect place to take measurements for a smart home device. It offers exceptional ability to detect, monitor and measure everything that is going on in your home, all without interference.

This includes movements within a room, or small differences in air quality. It offers the optimal positioning for a camera and smart speaker as well, and can serve as an additional router or Wi-Fi hotspot too. 

It is of course even more practical if it happens to be an all-in-one smart home device that incorporates all the functions into one. Just climb up the ladder and you've got a whole range of great features. 

A smart home device on the ceiling has enough space to take all of its measurements without any objects in the way.

Simply put, the ceiling offers an unparalleled advantage for a smart home device.

2. It’s out of your way

Smart Home Installation

How many times have you seen shelves filled with books, frames, pictures, all sorts of other stuff, and then an out-of-place electronic device is unnaturally placed there as well? We have. And no matter how you try to place it, it always looks a bit odd.

It’s best to get the device out of the way and onto the ceiling, freeing up your shelves and reducing clutter.
This is not only better for the smart home device itself, where it can operate with more efficiency and precision, but it also gives you more space as well.

3. Voice commands work from all over the room

Smart Home Speaker

Love voice commands as much as we do? They are a great way to use your smart home devices, are continually improving and certainly one of the most popular features in the smart home world today. More and more users are using Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa to perform simple commands that streamline their everyday lives. 

But everyone who uses speech assistants knows how stupid you feel when the device doesn't understand you. The only thing that seems to help is shouting through half the apartment -- and that's not really all that smart.

The ceiling naturally provides the perfect location for voice commands. It is above you, can recognize commands from all corners of the room, and the device can be placed wherever it fits best in the room. This also means that the sound travels at an equidistant length to reach the device, instead of it being at an opposite corner of the room.

Instead it is above you, where you can easily speak in your normal voice and still be understood. Win-win!

4. You don’t need another dust collector on your shelves

Smart Home Planung Decke

How many things do you have on your shelves that just collect dust?

Look, it happens to us all. We buy something and we think, this is going to be a great addition to my house.

And then perhaps while moving house, we look at something that we once bought with high hopes, now covered in dust, and we think – I never needed this at all.

Said object has then fulfilled its destiny: to become a dust collector.

Stop the cycle.
A smart home device is better on the ceiling. Fulfilling its destiny. Designed to do what it is supposed to do: protect you and your loved ones and making sure you are living in a happy and healthy home.

5. It's a conversation piece

Smart Home Ceiling

Having your smart home device on the ceiling can be the best of both worlds – by being on the ceiling, it is something that wouldn’t normally draw attention to itself. However, if it is noticed, it is something of a conversation starter.

In other words, if it is noticed, it is something to admire, and often leads to a good conversation about what it is and what it can do. 

Think of it like bling for your home, but it isn’t in your face or body, and doesn’t shout or make it known that it is there.

However, if it isn’t noticed, then it is still content in doing its job just as it was intended: making sure you and your family are safe, giving you updates about your indoor air quality, and connecting you with your community in case of an alarm.

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