Livy Protect: Smoke & Motion Alarm + Air Quality

Livy Protect combines various intelligent functions into one device on your ceiling: Thanks to the integrated motion detector, smart smoke detection and the WLAN module, Livy Protect offers comprehensive fire and burglary protection for your home. In addition, Livy Protect checks the indoor climate via its air sensors. All abnormalities are conveniently reported via app - no matter where you are.

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Burglary Protection

The motion detector alerts you in case of unwanted movement, no matter where you are. With integrated pet recognition, it also avoids false alarms.

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Smoke Alarm Detection

Through sound recognition, Livy Protect notices when your smoke detector is going off and immediately notifies you and your community on your smartphone.

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The siren in Livy Protect both scares off unwanted guests in case of an alarm and acoustically signals you if something is wrong.

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With the temperature sensor, you can bring a better sense of well-being as well as a pleasant room climate into your home.

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The humidity sensor gives you information about the relative humidity in the room. Therefore, you can avoid the formation of mold or the onset of colds caused by dry air.

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Air Quality

The air quality sensor measures the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air and shows you when it's time to air out the room.

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WiFi Module

Livy Protect connects directly to your WLAN router (2.4 GHz) and requires no additional gateway for communication.

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With Bluetooth LE 4.2. you can connect your Livy Protect quickly and easily to your smartphone and install it in just a few steps.

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6 month battery life

Livy Protect is battery operated and needs to be recharged a maximum of 2 times per year.


Getting Livy Protect up and running is easy

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How many Livys do I need?

For reliable protection and coverage you should use one Livy Protect Set per room. The Livy Smoke Detector covers 50 square meters per room and the motion detector can monitor approx. 6x6 m², depending on the ceiling height.

Where can I install Livy?

Smart Home Flur


The most popular place to install Livy is in the hallway. Mounted on the ceiling together with the Livy Smoke Detector, it can detect movement and notifiy you via the Livy App and will sound an alarm in case of fire danger.

Smart Home Wohnzimmer

Living Room

You have a living room with access to a terrace or balcony? With Livy on the ceiling, you and your community will be alerted via the Livy App if someone enters without permission.


Did you know that the mandatory smoke detector requirement also applies to bedrooms? With Livy, you not only meet the legal standard, but you can also keep an eye on the air quality for healthy and sound sleep.

Livy for the Office

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Discover More Features from Livy Protect

Livy Protect

Smart Fire Protection

The two-part system - the Livy Smoke Detector connected with Livy Protect - not only warns you reliably of smoke development, but will also inform you immediately, regardless where you are. In case of an emergency, thanks to the networked smoke detector, your Community is there for you.

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Livy Protect

Smart Burglary Protection

Livy Protect turns a simple motion detector into a smart home alarm system that immediately informs you in case of unusual movement in your home - no matter where you are.

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Livy Protect

Healthy Air Guide

With the Healthy Air Guide from Livy Protect, you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home. The smart Livy app tells you when your indoor climate is just right or when it is time to let in some fresh air.

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