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Smoke and motion alarm combined with air quality analysis.

The Technology from Livy Protect
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Where can I install Livy?

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The most popular place to install Livy is in the hallway. Mounted on the ceiling together with the Livy Smoke Detector, it can detect movement and notifiy you via the Livy App and will sound an alarm in case of fire danger.

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Living Room

You have a living room with access to a terrace or balcony? With Livy on the ceiling, you and your community will be alerted via the Livy App if someone enters without permission.


Did you know that the mandatory smoke detector requirement also applies to bedrooms? With Livy, you not only meet the legal standard, but you can also keep an eye on the air quality for healthy and sound sleep.

Livy for the Office

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How many Livys do I need?

For reliable protection and coverage you should use one Livy Protect Set per room. The Livy Smoke Detector covers 50 square meters per room and the motion detector can monitor approx. 6x6 m², depending on the ceiling height..

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