More security for your home through our service plans

Our Livy products come with many free basic features that provide security and protection.
 Beyond our basic service, we offer additional services, such as the GeoAssistant or an analysis of air values, 2-way audio, or even video recording, which are unlocked by an activation code. In this way, we combine an increased standard of security with an improvement and sustainable quality of living.
 You can choose between two service upgrades: Livy Plus and Livy Pro. Our activation codes can be booked individually and are without automatic renewal.
Livy Plus Plan

Livy Basic

Free security features in the Livy app


In case of an alarm, push messages are sent directly to all users via the app. In addition, a siren alarm is triggered on the device when movement is detected.

Smoke Alarm Detection

Livy recognizes smoke detectors by their sound frequency and sends a message to the smartphone in the event of an alarm.


A sensor constantly measures the carbon monoxide level and sends an alarm as soon as a critical value is exceeded.

Video live streaming

In case of an alarm or when you are absent, you can keep an eye on things with live video live stream. 
Direct access to the Livy Alive camera is possible via the app.

Access for additional users

Share access to Livy devices with other residents and trusted persons to react more quickly in an emergency.

Display of sensor values

Check the current sensor values of the devices, like temperature or humidity, in the app and improve the air quality.

Livy Plus additional services

All Livy Basic Services included. In addition, we offer services to improve the comfort and extended protection in the Plus Plan. 
All functions can be used by our Livy Protect and Livy Alive devices.


The Livy Plus Plan includes all the services of the Basic Plan.


Automatic alarm activation as soon as the last person has left the home and deactivation when the first person is home.

Silent Alarm

Get a notification in case of movement without the siren sounding. Ideal to know if someone has moved through a room.

Noise warning from 76 dB

In the event of high noise levels of 76dB or more, users receive a push notification.

24h data history of air quality

Improve the ventilation and heating behavior and thus the quality of living in the long term through a 24h history of the air quality.

Mould and frost warning

Push notifications to prevent mould, frost, and heat caused by incorrect or insufficient ventilation and heating of living spaces.

SMS in case of alarm

Receive an SMS notification in the event of an alarm and stay informed even without the internet.

SMS Plus

With SMS Plus, two additional users can be added who will be informed by SMS in the event of an alarm. 

Livy Pro additional services

All Livy Basic and Plus services are included. 
The Pro plan offers maximum comfort and protection with Livy Alive.


The Livy Pro Plan includes all the services of the Basic Plan.

Plus Feature

The Livy Pro Plan also includes all the services of the Plus Plan.

Video recording in case of alarm

In case of an alarm, video sequences with sound are automatically recorded for 30 seconds.

30 days video-cloud-storage

The video sequences are uploaded in encrypted form to servers in Germany and made available for retrieval for 30 days.

2-way-audio talk

Use the voice connection and communicate via the live video stream using the Livy app.

LTE backup at internet failure

Should the internet ever fail, the device automatically switches to the LTE backup function, guaranteeing flawless operation at all times.