Livy Protect with Smoke Detector
Livy Protect with Smoke Detector
Livy Integration
Livy Protect with Smoke Detector
Livy Protect with Smoke Detector
Livy Integration

Livy Protect with Smoke Detector

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Are you looking for a smart smoke detector? Then why not have one with even more functionality?

What can Livy Protect do?

The Livy Protect with Smoke Detector sends alarm messages to your smartphone when smoke is detected. Additionally, you can activate Livy Protect as an alarm system when you are absent. Since Livy Protect also measures your air quality, you can keep an eye on the air quality in your rooms and ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

Installation & Interfaces

The WLAN-based Ring can be installed with Bluetooth in just a few steps and is immediately ready for use after being mounted on the ceiling. Livy Protect can also be integrated into your existing smart home via various interfaces.


The free Livy App notifies you on your smartphone in an emergency and gives you an overview of the air quality in your rooms. In addition, you can, easily and free of charge, grant access to other residents or friends and have them be notified you on their smartphone in case of an alarm.

Delivery Contents

With the Livy Protect with Smoke Detector you can simultaneously secure your home and equip it with a Europe-wide certified fire alarm with a 10-year battery.

Product Details

Motion Detection:
Digital PIR motion sensor
Fire Protection: Alarm signal detection from the Livy Smoke Detector
Air Monitor: Temperature, humidity, VOC (Air quality)
Battery Life: 6 - 8 months with included Micro-USB cable
Connectivity: Bluetooth LE 4.2, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz Band
Assembly - Desk Stand: No assembly required
154mm diameter x 29mm height

    Product Details

    Optical smoke detector (photoelectric)
    Battery Life:
    10 years after activation
    Alarm Signal:
    min. 85 dB (A)
    Visual Indication:
    Signal light - red LED
    Operating Temperature Range:
    - 10 °C to + 55 °C
    Mounting fixture with screws and dowels
    95mm diameter x 40mm height
    DIN EN 14604