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With the Livy App, you can always keep an eye on your home. So that you are never alone in an emergency, you can use the Community Function to grant access to your Livy smart home system to other residents or a trusted person.

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Receive notification in case of alarm and view sensor values

View all sensor values at a glance and intuitively control all functions, such as alarm activation and video camera. In the event of an alarm, the app immediately sends a push notification to your smartphone.

Connect family members & confidants

Connect with family members and confidants in the app. Build a community and create more security for your home. You can easily manage access rights for individual community members.

Control and manage all Livy devices centrally via one app

Control all your Livy devices centrally from one app and add unlimited devices to your location. Manage the functions for Livy Protect and Livy Alive at the same time.

View sensor values and improve the comfort at home

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Easy alarm activation via action button

The Action button in your dashboard menu gives you direct access to various alarm functions and allows you to set your Livy device to alarm mode.

The Silent Motion Alarm in the Livy Plus Plan

The Silent Motion Alarm as an additional service in the Livy Plus Plan and sends you a push message when motion is detected in the room without the siren sounding. This way you know if someone is in the room.

Automated alarm activation with GeoAssistant

The GeoAssistant enables automatic alarm activation as soon as the last person with resident status has left the home and deactivation when the first comes back home. Make burglary protection smart and uncomplicated.

Enjoy independence and security at the same time thanks to GeoAssistant

Stay connected with your home wherever you are

30 days cloud storage for your videos in case of alarm

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Sustainably improve the room climate

24h data history with the Healthy Air Guide

The Healthy Air Guide shows you a 24h data history of your air values. This allows you to evaluate the climate in your rooms and identify optimization potential for your heating and ventilation behavior.

Sustainably improve the indoor climate & save costs

Use the data to adjust your heating and ventilation behavior and thus sustainably reduce your heating costs. Values for VOC & CO2 give you additional information about the quality of your indoor climate.

Protect from mold & frost

The temperature and humidity are measured continuously. If there is a risk of mold or frost, you will receive a push notification and can react accordingly.

Connect confidants with each other

Livy Protect Smarter Brandschutz Smart Home App Community Funktion Benachrichtigung

Add confidants to your community

In the Livy app, you can include and connect family members and trusted contacts. Manage individual access rights and create your own security team.

Automated alarm activation via GeoAssistant

Check the app to see who is currently at home and use GeoAssistant's automated alarm (de)activation. If the last resident leaves the home, the alarm is automatically switched on. This way your home remains protected against burglary when you are absent.
Livy App Brandschutz CO Kohlenmonoxid Warnung Benachrichtigung Smart Home

Be never again alone in an emergency

If an alarm is triggered, all community members immediately receive a push notification. Get more security for your home with Livy Plus or Livy Pro " and receive an additional SMS. This guarantees that no emergency goes unnoticed and you can react faster as a team.

Manage all devices centrally
and benefit from even more functions

Control your Livy devices comfortably from one source

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