Livy Protect: From Measuring Humidity to the Healthy Air Guide

Better sleep, greater concentration, more well-being - these are just some of the benefits of a healthy indoor climate. With the Healthy Air Guide from Livy Protect, you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home. The smart Livy App tells you when your indoor climate is just right or when it is time to let in some fresh air.

These three aspects are particularly important for a good indoor climate:

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Room Temperature

The room temperature should be around 20 degrees Celcius. Of course, your personal comfort temperature also plays a role. Good to know: the warmer the room, the lower the humidity should be.

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Air Humidity

Depending on the room, the optimum air humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. In the kitchen, basement and bathroom it can be a bit higher. While too dry air irritates the respiratory tract, too moist air can lead to mold growth.

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Air Quality

Volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, have a significant impact on air quality. They are caused by human exhalation, but also by cigarette smoke, cleaning agents or carpets. You can tell if the air quality in your home is not right by headaches, sleeping problems, irritation of the respiratory tract and reduced concentration.

How the Healthy Air Guide helps you achieve the perfect indoor climate

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Livy Protect

Smart Fire Protection

The two-part system - the Livy Smoke Detector connected with Livy Protect - not only warns you reliably of smoke development, but will also inform you immediately, regardless where you are. In case of an emergency, thanks to the networked smoke detector, your Community is there for you.

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Livy Protect

Smart Burglary Protection

With Livy Protect, a simple motion detector becomes a smart home alarm system that immediately alerts you in case of any unusual movements, no matter where you are.

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