5 Smart Home Characters That Everyone Knows! Which type are you?

Smart Home Typen

Every day, more and more smart home applications are being used. But who are these people exactly, who undertake this adventure and decide to upgrade their house? And above all: What are their motives for doing this? Which needs does intelligent living fulfill? Here we present a variety of smart home types. Maybe you will find yourself in them, or maybe their insights will inspire you to start your own smart home project.

The Product Poser
Smart Home Applications to Marvel At

You love everything that is shiny, stylish, modern, and above all, expensive. You live in the spirit of the time and are always well-informed. Of course, you also want to let those around you know that. On your social networks you can be seen wearing VR glasses, your off-road vehicle signalling your many adventures. Of course, your home is no exception. If one should visit, they should be amazed. Your house reflects the most cutting-edge technology, smart home everywhere, all devices having a futuristic design.

Gadgets that make an impression are important to you. The functions should be eye-catching and ever-present. At your request, all Philips Hue Lightstrips will dim and the color temperature will change. In addition, your smart Sonos speaker provides the right sound ambience. The icing on the cake is the Google Nest Mini, which lets you use voice commands for all of your applications - so everyone can hear what your house can do. Outside, a chic robot lawn mower from Bosch drives up and down your lawn. And smart cameras from Arlo, on the façade of your house, make it clear that it's not worth breaking into your house. 

Your products may be high quality and expensive, but you want to avoid too much effort during installation. Once a brand has convinced you, you buy its complete product range directly. The more the better! To do this, you have set up several hubs directly, as well as some Wi-Fi amplifiers to provide all smart home products with the best possible signal.

The Tech Geek 

Smart Home DIY with Raspberry and Co.

The Tech Geek

By opening your front door, a real chain reaction is set in motion: The lights go on, dramatic music plays, and the room temperature is adjusted according to your taste. Wait, the light temperature is still a bit too cool. Hmm, you'll have to try it again, because tinkering and designing your home is your passion.

Having practically grown up with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you've now set yourself the challenge of housing as many sensors as possible in your home: Moisture sensors for the plants, thermostats on the heating system, and even an alarm if case your roommate goes for the chocolate as a midnight snack.

You control your ever-new smart home applications via open source platforms, because you love the smart home community and want to share your knowledge and tinker with everything. The latest Raspberry Pi 3 works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing all applications to work together wirelessly.

Check out how Livy Plus provides not only complete burglary protection, but also lets you know if everything is okay in your home, no matter when or where you are. 

The Security Freak 

Alarm Systems In All Possible Facets

The Security Freak

After having had your bicycle stolen from your front yard twice, you have had enough! This must never happen again, because feeling good and relaxing is only possible if you aren’t constantly suspecting, even at the slightest noise, the worst. Smart Home is the only possible salvation and offers you a complete and total burglary protection system. On top of that, you automatically become the protector of your family, and therefore the hero or heroine.

You don't buy the first available option, but instead weigh up, very carefully, what suits your needs. Motion detectors with cameras differentiate between unknown intruders or pets, and notify you directly if an unusual movement is detected. You are also grateful for the Community Function, because if you are not at home during an alarm, your neighbors or friends will also be notified and can check what is going on. A smart lock can even be locked, if you are on the road and have forgotten to lock up before leaving. However, locking yourself out is also a foreign idea to you, because everything works without a key. Even the window lock has already been supplemented by a smart variant.

Of course, you also want to be safe from water damage and fire. That's why your smart smoke detector not only alerts you if there is a fire, but it also detects CO gas. A small sensor under your washing machine notifies you of water leaks, so you can act quickly. All security systems in the house work independently and protect you in every possible situation. In the event of a power failure, a battery backup will of course be activated. If the Wi-Fi fails, the internal communication between the devices and the in-house server continues.

Here are our best tips on burglary protection, so you can feel safe around the clock:
Burglary protection with Smart Home:
How do you protect yourself against burglars?

With all these security measures, a lot of data about you and your home is collected. But you do not take this lightly. Your data security is very important to you. Therefore, you look for certificates that guarantee sensitive data handling and you also follow many protective measures, such as choosing separate password to be even more sure.

Here you can learn how Livy Protect can protect you and your residents against fire and burglary with just one device.

Smart Home with Livy

The Apple Enthusiast 

Everything for the Apple HomeKit Universe

The Apple Enthusiast

Design is your passion and Apple your religion. The Apple Watch decorates your wrist and logs your fitness data. You store your photos directly to the iCloud for eternity. You advocate every purchase decision, and not only that: your enthusiasm convinces others, too, and soon you've become a preacher of rounded corners, elegant user interfaces and unique gadgets.

And to make sure everything in your Apple universe works together perfectly, there's only one thing you can do: Apple HomeKit, which connects all your iOS devices together and can be controlled via the Apple HomeKit, the Apple TV Box, or the Apple HomePod Speaker and, of course, Siri. Now you've got a taste for Eve's products, because they are all compatible with the Apple HomeKit. You can't wait to see what the latest Apple release brings with it.

Efficiency King 

Optimization at the Highest Level

The Efficiency King

In order to start off the day as productively as possible, an hour-long workout, analyzed by fitbit, is part of it. It is however just as important for your health to have a good sleeping routine and a good indoor climate. Therefore, smart thermostats on your heaters control your room temperature, so you feel comfortable and your sleep cycle is optimized. While you are recovering from day, TVs, PCs and other devices can be switched off via smart sockets.

Good air quality increases concentration and can reduce allergy symptoms. If fresh air is needed, the windows can be opened automatically.

Did you know that Livy Protect not only provides smart fire and burglary protection, but also measures your air quality? Click here to learn more.

Your lamps turn off automatically when no one is in the room, so as much electricity as possible can be saved. As a mini control freak, you check the determined values several times a day. In an app, they are summarized in clear diagrams. If the stats looked good and you were already able to save on energy, this motivates you to be even more efficient next month.

In the garden, an intelligent irrigation system measures the precipitation and waters the flowers only when it is really necessary. This saves a lot of water in these dry summers and above all, it saves you work. You wish for such an intelligent system in parks, where the sprinklers run even when it rains. What a waste! Smart City systems could not come fast enough for you.

To control all your Smart Home applications and make everything work perfectly, you use IFTTT and discover more and more great new ways to optimize your home. Right now, you're in the process of optimizing the lights to adapt to your biorhythm, so it can have a positive effect on your mood.

Reasons for a Smart Home

Whether you have one, four, or thirty smart home products humming and working in your home, the most important thing is that they make your life easier and support you in what makes you tick. There is not one solution for smart living, but rather it can be as unique as you are.

With Livy Protect, we considered the different needs of all the different smart home user types and provide a smart solution that combines various functions in one device.


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