Smart burglary protection for your home with Livy Alive

Every two minutes there is a burglary in Germany. Livy Alive is your smart burglary protection for your home. Thanks to a super-wide-angle camera and the most innovative radar technology, you can ensure precise motion and presence detection in the room and be informed immediately on your smartphone in the event of an alarm. Your privacy always remains protected.

Early detection & push notification to your smartphone

You can set Livy Alive to alarm mode at any time. A precise radar detects even the smallest movements. At the first noticeability, the smart motion detector sends a push message to you and your community.

An audiovisual signal scares away the criminals

When the alarm is triggered, Livy Alive immediately responds with an audiovisual signal on the device: the station's LEDs light up and a loud siren sounds. In this way, criminals are chased away directly before any major damage is done. You can turn off the alarm from your smartphone.

Video recording in case of alarm & 30 days cloud storage

The Smart Living Station automatically records a short video sequence when the alarm is triggered and stores it in your cloud for 30 days for later evidence.
Livy Alive Sicherheitsfunktionen

More than just a motion detector

Clever technology made in Berlin. Livy Alive is a smart guardian with data protection. Monitoring functions combined in a compact and attractive device without disregarding data protection.
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Automatic alarm activation via GeoAssistant

Livy GeoAssistant, Community Funktion in der Livy App
Livy Alive Smart Living Station

Automatic video recording in case of alarm

Check what's going on with the video live stream

Livy Alive Smart Living Station Video-Livestream mit 2-Wege-Audio Sprechfunktion

Your privacy is
important to us

Livy Datenschutz

Only you have access to your Livy Alive

You allow access to your device only to trusted people within your community. Live video stream, 2-way audio, and sensor values are transmitted and processed via secure encryption technology (TLS).
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Our servers are based in Germany

Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
Livy Kamera

Feeling well with a camera at home

The camera is switched on manually by you. Before switching on, an audiovisual signal appears as an indication. This means that constant video monitoring is impossible.

In the event of an alarm,
react faster as a team

Involve neighbors and trusted confidants

Bilden Sie ein Team und vernetzen Sie sich via Livy App mit Vertrauenspersonen aus der Familie und Nachbarschaft. In Alarmfällen können Sie gemeinsam schneller agieren und miteinander kommunizieren.
Die Livy App ermöglich einfachste Smart Home Interaktion von überall mit dem Smartphone

Livy informs your community immediately in case of alarm

If a motion alarm is triggered, Livy Alive immediately informs all community members via push message or SMS to check on them. This way, you will not miss any alarm situation even if you are absent.
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Do not lose valuable time in case of burglary

Via the video live stream and 2-way voice function, community members can immediately get into the situation and react in alarm scenarios. In the event of an emergency, this can make a decisive contribution to solving the crime.
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Easy mounting

Livy Montage

Immediate mounting without skilled personnel

Livy Alive is delivered to you ready to use and requires nothing more than power and a Wi-Fi connection. You can easily mount the station on the wall. You do not need to hire expensive installers.

Simple and uncomplicated usage

Livy Alive can be started up intuitively via the Livy app and supports individual functions with signals on the device. Complex configurations become unnecessary. Smart security has never been easier.
Livy Alive an der Decke installieren

Advanced ceiling mounting for professionals

From above you have the best overview of the room and there are no dead corners. For ceiling mounting an additional mounting plate and power is necessary, which you can get in our store.
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