More than just a motion detector: Burglary protection with Livy Protect

Every two minutes there is a burglary in Germany. Once you've been the victim of a burglary, you no longer feel safe in your home. Livy Protect alerts you and your community immediately on your smartphone in the event of unusual movements - wherever you are.

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Burglary protection

The motion detector in Livy Protect can be armed automatically or manually when leaving the site and triggers a siren when motion is detected.

Pet detection

Pet detection and advanced sensitivity setting can avoid false alarms caused by dogs and cats in the absence of.

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Protect your privacy

The motion detector does not record motion at any time. While you are at home, it is deactivated. We use the highest security standards for communication.

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Noise warning

Should the noise level at your location exceed an unusually high threshold, you will receive your push notification on your smartphone.

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When the alarm is armed, Livy Protect triggers an integrated siren and signals burglars that they have been detected.

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Air quality

With the integrated air sensors you also have the temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC) in view. Ventilation instructions allow you to ensure a healthy and productive climate at all times.

How the smart motion detector connects you with your Community

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85 % of all burglaries are never solved 

The offenders escape unnoticed or cannot be identified. With each break-in, there are other people in the immediate vicinity who do not notice anything.

Here is how your smart home protects you and your community:

1. Early Detection

At first sight, the smart motion detector sends a push message to you and/or your community via WLAN and app so that you can react immediately.

2. Take Quick Action

You decide yourself who should be informed in case of an emergency. It can be your best friends, your nearest neighbors or even all the tenants of your apartment building. Therefore, in an emergency someone can immediately react and be there. 

3. Important Information

Even if your community cannot prevent the break-in, eyewitness testimonies are essential for the investigation. With smart home surveillance, everyone knows what is going on and can contribute details to the investigation.

4. Secure Control

As a user of the Livy-Protect-System you decide exactly who has access to the functions of the app. You can choose who can switch the alarm system on and off via WLAN, who should be informed and who you want to reach via the chat function.

5. Additional Security

The Livy App makes it easy for you to reach the police and fire department quickly and directly in an emergency. As an additional service with costs, you can also commission the private security company Securitas to perform surveillance on your home.

How does a smart home motion detector work?

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Livy Protect

Smart Burglary Protection

With Livy Protect, a simple motion detector becomes a smart home alarm system that immediately alerts you in case of any unusual movements, no matter where you are.

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Livy Protect

Healthy Air Guide

With the Healthy Air Guide from Livy Protect, you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home. The smart Livy app tells you when your indoor climate is just right or when it is time to let in some fresh air.

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