Simple and convenient: The Smart Living Station offers full connectivity for your smart home

Which smart home system should I go for? Which gateway is the best? How much does a smart home cost? The uncomfortable questions arise as soon as you want to automate your home. But smart homes could become easier, more comfortable, and above all cheaper in the future.

Smart Home is too complicated, too expensive and far too time-consuming

Simplify Smart Home thanks to the compact 9-in-1 solution

The compact Smart Living Station Livy Alive hides a precise and high-quality multi-sensor technology, which combines the most important components in the field of smart security and home comfort in one all-in-one device. The Smart Living Station replaces up to 9 individual devices.

Security camera

wide-angle camera with video live stream function and automatic video recording in case of alarm

Motion detector

Precise motion alarm via radar with different alarm modes and immediate alarm notification


Built-in microphones and high-quality speakers enable 2-way audio talk between smartphone and station

Air quality

Various sensors for measurement and evaluation of temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2, brightness and noise

Carbon monoxide sensor

Highly sensitive CO sensor as early warning system for smoke and toxic carbon monoxide emissions

Audiovisual siren

An audio-visual siren that warns in case of alarm in case of burglary, fire, or CO development.

Automatic night light

Integrated night light, which reacts to movement or can be switched on permanently via automation

Lighting control

In combination with our Livy ceiling mounting plate, the station can be used for lighting control

WIFI Gateway

No additional gateway is required thanks to the integrated WiFi module and Bluetooth - in the future, the station can also be used as a bridge for other smart home devices thanks to Zigbee

Full connectivity without additional gateway

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You can find more information about installation and functions with Google Assistant in our support center.
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The Smart Living Station will also provide the interfaces to Alexa, Homekit, and Matter soon.

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