The GeoAssistant: How to never forget to activate the alarm mode again

Der GeoAssistant: Wie Sie nie mehr vergessen, den Alarm-Modus zu aktivieren

The GeoAssistant is the automatic alarm activation in the Livy Plus Plan and the helpful support to reliably protect the home from burglars. How exactly the GeoAssistant works, what advantages it brings with it and how you can best use it within the community, we would like to explain in more detail today.

Every two minutes, a burglary attempt takes place in Germany, although it often only remains a burglary attempt, because sufficient security systems, mechanical security devices and deterrents ensure that burglars abandon their attempt at an early stage. The additional elements effectively increase the burglary protection of your own four walls and prevent burglars from gaining access to your home or business premises.
If they do succeed, security devices such as Livy Alive or Livy Protect reliably alert you to scare off burglars and protect your belongings.

But what good is the best security system if you forget to activate and arm it every now and then?

What is the GeoAssistant from Livy?

With the Livy Plus GeoAssistant service, the alarm mode of the Livy Protect or Livy Alive can be activated automatically as soon as residents leave the location. Based on the location data of the smartphone, Livy knows whether you are leaving or entering your home and automatically switches the alarm to the correct mode. The last person from the Livy community to leave the location and use GeoAssistant activates the motion alarm. The first person to re-enter deactivates it. Thus, it is no longer necessary to manually set the alarm to the respective mode via the app. This makes it easy to use the protection function of the Livy Smart Living device and it activates itself. Thus, the function guarantees that your home is always protected as soon as no one is at home.

The benefits of the Livy GeoAssistant

With GeoAssistant you guarantee more security for your home with minimal effort for the individual residents.
All residents have to be added to the community only once, receive the status resident and activate the GeoAssistant.
The activation of the alarm can no longer be forgotten and an unintentional triggering of the alarm is prevented by the automatic deactivation when entering the location. So nobody will be accidentally startled up.

By automating the alarm function, Livy guarantees you a higher level of burglary protection, especially if you are "dependent" on several occupants or employees and have to rely on everyone remembering to activate the alarm when leaving the site at any time.

Especially if you are using Livy for commercial or medical offices, where burglary rates are unfortunately quite high after all, this can provide a higher level of security in an emergency and make reliable alarm activation independent of individual employees.

Good to know:

In contrast to manual activation of the motion alarm, the alarm is immediately triggered by GeoAssistant as soon as the last occupant:leaves the selected location radius. With manual activation, the alarm mode of the Livy Smart Living device only switches on after 10 minutes, so that there is enough time to leave the location without already triggering an alarm.

Via the Livy App you have the possibility to switch the GeoAssistant on and off at any time, to change the radius and thus customize it for yourself.

How to activate the GeoAssistant in your location, we have summarized in a short article in our help center for you.

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