Livy Smoke Detector: Safety for your home

A smoke detector is called just a "smoke alarm" and is also often called "fire detector" or "fire alarm". The function is always the same: The smoke detector detects smoke development in the house or apartment and is therefore an important part of fire protection. Especially at night, a smoke detector protects against being surprised by a fire while sleeping. Therefore at least the bedroom, children's room as well as corridors and escape routes should be equipped with smoke detectors.

Here are the advantages of the Livy Smoke Detector at a glance:

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certified according to DIN EN 14604

certified according to DIN EN 14604

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Alarm strength over 85 decibels

Alarm sound over 85 decibels

10 year battery life

Battery life 10 years

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elegant, unobtrusive design

elegantes, inconspicuous design

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easy installation with dowels and screws

easy installation with dowels and screws

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expandable for smart application

expandable for smart application

Value Pack

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Wie viele Rauchmelder benötige ich?

Der Livy Rauchmelder deckt eine Fläche von 50m² pro Raum ab.

Schlaf- und Kinderzimmer

Smart Home Flur

Flure und Rettungswege.

Smart Home Wohnzimmer

Aufenthaltsräume wie z.B. Wohnzimmer in Berlin/Brandenburg

How the photoelectric smoke detector from Livy works

Livy Protect

Smart Fire Protection

The two-part system - the Livy Smoke Detector connected with Livy Protect - not only warns you reliably of smoke development, but will also inform you immediately, regardless where you are. In case of an emergency, thanks to the networked smoke detector, your Community is there for you.

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Livy Protect

Smart Burglary Protection

With Livy Protect, a simple motion detector becomes a smart home alarm system that immediately alerts you in case of any unusual movements, no matter where you are.

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Livy Protect

Healthy Air Guide

With the Healthy Air Guide from Livy Protect, you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home. The smart Livy app tells you when your indoor climate is just right or when it is time to let in some fresh air.

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