Smart fire protection with Livy

Alerts you and your community to smoke and carbon monoxide. Measures CO2, air quality and temperature.

Fire protection
smart & reliable

Reliable fire protection with smoke detector and Livy Protect

Our Smart Ring forms the perfect combination with the Livy smoke detector for intelligent fire protection at home. The system triggers a smoke alarm at an early stage and immediately alerts you and the community on your smartphone.
Livy Protect Smarter Brandschutz Smart Home App Warnung

Fast alarm notification directly to your smartphone

Add residents and confidants to your community within the app. Your community and you will be informed about alarm situations immediately on your smartphone via push notification or SMS and can react. So no emergency goes unnoticed, even when you're out of the home.

Even more safety functions thanks to numerous sensors

Livy Protect has numerous sensors for motion detection and evaluation of air values. Via the Livy App, you can view sensor values and set your Livy Protect to alarm mode to be additionally alerted in case of a break-in when you are absent.

Livy Protect: Intelligent fire protection and more

Livy as a smart smoke detection system

Livy Protect is an intelligent and certified smoke alarm system that alerts you immediately on your smartphone in case of an alarm. The combination of a 10-year smoke detector with a wireless smart ring offers you optimal fire protection.

Precise carbon monoxide sensor as an advanced alarm system

The Livy Protect G3 is additionally equipped with a CO sensor. The sensor constantly measures the concentration of carbon monoxide and sends an alarm as soon as a critical value is exceeded. Use Livy Protect as an advanced alarm system in case of fire or disfunction of heaters etc.
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Motion alarm with push notification

Protect your home when you are away by setting your Livy Protect to alarm mode. Livy Protect is equipped with a motion sensor that triggers an alarm when motion is detected and immediately informs you on your smartphone.

Air quality control & evaluation

Precise sensors measure temperature, humidity, and VOC every second. All data, including analysis, are available to you in the app.

Mold and frost warning

Push notification in case of mold, frost, and heat risk due to incorrect or insufficient ventilation and heating of living spaces.

Access for other users within the community

Share access to Livy devices with other residents and confidants and respond faster in an emergency.
Livy Protect G3 Kohlenmonoxid Sensor

Livy Protect G3

Same shell. Strong core.

The new generation with toxic CO gas detection.

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Maximum safety thanks to additional carbon monoxide sensor

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Fire protection designed smart
with Livy Protect

Livy Protect Smarter Brandschutz Smart Home App Warnung CO Kohlenmonoxid

In case of alarm immediate notification to your smartphone

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The strongest trio for your fire protection

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Livy Protect Smarter Brandschutz Smart Home App Community Funktion Benachrichtigung

Connect residents and neighbors

Create a team and connect with family members and neighbors via Livy App. Make fire protection a team affair. In case of an alarm, you can react faster together and communicate with each other.
Livy Protect Smarter Brandschutz Smart Home App Warnung

Livy warns all community members in case of emergency

If a potential smoke alarm hazard is detected, Livy Protect immediately informs all community members via push message or SMS. This way, family members and surrounding neighbors are notified immediately.
Livy Protect Smarter Brandschutz Smart Home App Warnung CO Kohlenmonoxid

Do not waste valuable time in an emergency

In the event of an alarm, coordinate directly with your community members via chat. Via GeoAssistant you can see who is at home or in the immediate vicinity of the danger zone and who can help. Minimize life-threatening risks for yourself and your loved ones.

Combine maximum security
with smart living comfort

Expand your security package with Livy Alive

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