We democratize Smart Living

Making technology simpler and more tangible. That is our mission at HUM Systems. Safety and comfort should not become a privilege, but an added value for everyone.
HUM Systems is a family business and was founded in 2017 by two brothers, Amir and Ali Reza Humanfar, and his wife Helena Peralta Becker. The startup began small with just three people and has grown to over 20 full-time employees within a few years. Furthermore, despite being a relatively young company, we have already established our presence in the German smart home market and have more than 30,000 satisfied users.
Hum Systems GmbH CEO Ali Reza Humanfar

Ali Reza Humanfar

Amir Humanfar

Hum Systems GmbH CMO Amir Humanfar
Helena Peralta Hum Systems GmbH , Livy

Helena Peralta Becker

Philipp Gsching

Philipp Gsching, CTO Hum Systems GmbH, Livy
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Individuality and diversity - a concept that works


With over 20 employees, we unite people with different cultural backgrounds, sexual identities and orientations. We support the individuality and needs of our colleagues. We are open to all personalities and backgrounds. We do not categorize new employees according to their demographic characteristics, but rely entirely on their individual expertise and personal motivation to work with us on our mission. In doing so, we give our employees freedom and trust.


Diversity is in the DNA of HUM Systems. Our team combines hardware, software, marketing and product experts under one roof. This is the only way to develop a product like Livy and to be successful on the market. In our team, employees have the opportunity to actively shape all processes and are fully involved from the sketch to the finished product and the market launch. Our employees often work in an interdisciplinary way and support each other independently with their diverse skills.
Mit leidenschaft ans Ziel. Hum Systems GmbH Company Values, Livy

Competent & authentic

We demonstrate competence in dealing with technology, our partners and customers. In our personal interactions, we always remain ourselves and thus authentic.
Mit Passion Hum Systems Company Values

Reaching the goal with passion

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and much more. - The list of new technologies is long and we keep our finger on the pulse. But technology doesn't have a soul, but our team does. That's why we work on our technologies with passion and breathe life into them.
Work Life Balance Hum Systems GmbH Company Values, Livy

Work & Life Balance

Flexible working hours, cordial interaction within the team and joint events strengthen the feeling of a job that is a pleasure to come to in the morning. The needs of each individual employee are therefore heard and taken into account.
Values, Werte Hum Systems GmbH, gemeinsam stark, Livy

Strong together

Talent is only half the value without teamwork. We work in flat hierarchies, use agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) and set up interdisciplinary teams.
Diversity Hum Systems GmbH Company Values, Livy

We love diversity

No matter what nationality, gender or ideology you feel you belong to. We want to promote diversity, ideas and inspiration. Tolerance towards others is our first priority.
Change Veränderung Hum Systems GmbH Company Values, Livy

Be the change by your own

By having the courage to take responsibility, we encourage our employees to go above and beyond. That doesn't mean mistakes can't happen, but learning from them and getting better next time makes all the difference.

Become part of our team

Working in the center of Berlin

Our loft office is located in the middle of rising Kreuzkölln at Maybach-Ufer and offers you modern equipment for quality work.

Everyone is welcome

We are looking forward to your personality and your expertise. We do not evaluate our applicants according to scheme X and do not think in pigeonholes. Therefore, you are welcome, just as you are!

Individual development

In your role, you will have the opportunity to create your own projects, actively help shape processes and implement ideas. We want you to develop further and be satisfied and motivated in the long term.

Do you feel addressed?

If you feel comfortable in an innovative startup environment and would like to join a multicultural team to support us with your know-how, we look forward to receiving your application. We are also very open to speculative applications and will create the position that suits you and our team.
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Since 2017, we have been developing smart home products under the Livy brand with passion and expertise. In 2019, we expanded our portfolio to include the area of digital care and thus find the core of our very personal mission: We want to meaningfully counteract the increasing shortage of caregivers in Germany, efficiently relieve caregivers and make dignified care possible for everyone. For us, the focus is on people and their needs.Livy products stand for quality, safety, reliability and ease of use. We have already received several awards for this.

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