Livy Protect: The smart upgrade for every smoke detector

Are smoke detectors without intelligent functions installed in your home? As a tenant or home owner, you are not allowed or you don't want to replace them? Thanks to the smart detection of smoke detectors, Livy Protect recognises the alarm signal and immediately sends a message to your smartphone. In addition, the smart ring offers additional functions with an integrated motion alarm and air sensors that you can conveniently control via app - no matter where you are.  


Smoke Alarm

Your smoke detector alarm goes off

Sound Recognition

Livy Protect recognises the smoke detector's alarm

Alarm App

Alarm Message

You and your community will be notified via App

Here are your two installation options:

Livy Protect Rauchmeldererkennung

Livy Protect with Desk Stand

Put the Livy Protect Ring in the Desk Stand and place it as close as possible under your smoke detector in your room. As soon as a smoke alarm goes off, you will be notified via Livy App.

Fremde Rauchmeldererkennung

Livy Protect with Mounting Kit

With the Mounting Kit's magnetic attachment, you can easily place Livy Protect on the wall or ceiling. When a smoke alarm goes off, you will be immediately notified via the Livy App.

What Livy Protect Also Does For You

Protection icon

Burglary Protection

Livy Protect's integrated motion detector will alert you when the alarm is activated and triggered. But don't worry if you have pets -- the pet detection will prevent false alarms.

air quality icon

Air Quality

The temperature, humidity and VOC sensor checks your air quality and tells you, via the Livy App, when it's time to open a window for a healthier living environment.

No cables. No gateway.

Livy Protect works via WLAN and is battery-operated. On average, the ring only needs to be charged every 6 months. This keeps your sockets free and saves annoying cabling.

Which option is better for you?

Livy Protect with Desk Stand

No assembly. No installation. The Livy Protect with Desk Stand can be placed throughout the room at brings a stylish smart home flair to your home.

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Livy Protect with Mounting Kit

Attach the mounting plate to the wall or ceiling with the adhesive pad and dock Livy Protect with the magnetic holder. Finished and ready to use.

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