The safety update for fireplaces, stoves and heating systems

Stoves, heaters, or fireplaces keep the home warm and create a cozy atmosphere. However, a defective device releases toxic carbon monoxide ( CO ) without residents being able to smell or see it. The Livy Alive Smart Living Station detects potential sources of hazard at an early stage and ensures smart comfort thanks to additional functions.
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Smart fire protection
for your home

Mit Livy Alive immer und alles im Blick um nach den Rechten zu sehen dank HD Kamera und 2 Wege Audio

Early alarm system for toxic gas emission

Livy Alive is equipped with a highly sensitive CO sensor and, thanks to real-time measurement, offers you an important addition to your smoke detector for maximum fire protection.
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More features for more safety and comfort

The Smart Living Station measures various air, light and noise values every second and makes them available to you in the Livy app. A motion sensor and a camera also provide additional burglary protection.
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Fast notification & access even on the go

You are immediately informed about alarm situations on your smartphone. If necessary, you can also access your device on the go and check the situation at home at any time thanks to video live stream and 2-way voice function.
With a wide range of functions, the system provides comprehensive additions to everyday life and offers one thing in particular: safety. Therefore, the Livy Alive receives the seal of quality in 5 categories.

Fire protection thanks to CO sensor & smoke alarm detection

A highly sensitive CO sensor measures the level of carbon monoxide in the air every second and warns you at an early stage. If a limit is exceeded, Livy Alive immediately triggers an alarm. In addition, the station recognizes the siren of smoke detectors and forwards the alarm to your smartphone.
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Measurement of the conditions in the room for maximum comfort

Precise sensors measure temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, air pressure, brightness, and noise level every second. All data including analysis is available in the app and you receive push notifications in case of heat, frost, or mold risks.
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Motion alarm for burglary protection during absence

Protect your home when you are away by setting the Smart Living Station to alarm mode. A highly sensitive radar detects motion and triggers a siren. The integrated camera records a video sequence and makes it available to you immediately on your smartphone.
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Take a look with the HD super wide-angle camera

Livy Alive is equipped with an HD-180° wide-angle camera, high-quality microphones, and speakers, enabling live video streaming and audio calls. Whether in alarm situations or when you want to check on things: You can access your Livy Alive at any time while on the go.
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Highest priority for your data privacy

We use encrypted data transmission with high-security standards and manage all data on servers in Germany. For even more privacy we use additional security features.
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Security even in the event of Internet and power outages

The Smart Living Station is equipped with an LTE and a battery backup. This guarantees Livy's security features even in case of internet or power outages and no alarm situation goes unnoticed.

Livy Alive as an
early alarm system

More safety for your heating system

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Safe even in absence

Burglary protection for
even more security

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Everything is safely in focus with Livy Alive

We take care of your privacy.

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Servers based in Germany

Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
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Only you have access to your Livy Alive

You allow access to your device only to trusted people within your community. Live video stream, 2-way audio, and sensor values are transmitted and processed via secure encryption technology (TLS).
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Feeling comfortable with camera at home

The camera is switched on manually by yourself. Before switching on, an audiovisual signal appears as an indication. This means that constant video monitoring becomes impossible.

All-in-one security solution for your home

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