Always keep an eye on your pet with Livy Alive

Stay connected with your pets. No matter where. Livy Alive as an all-in-one security solution for your home offers you the possibility to connect to your home at any time from anywhere. The Smart Living Station will notify you of loud barking, for example, and connect via live video stream and 2-way audio.

Stay connected
with your pet

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Get informed in case of danger and dog barking

Is your dog disturbing the neighbors or is there an alarm situation at home? Livy Alive detects noise, but also unusual movement and gives you information about the situation at home every second.
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Always stay informed

Whenever you want to check on things or received an (alarm) notification, you can easily connect to your home via live video stream to assess the situation.
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Speak to your pet on the go

The 2-way audio intercom function allows you to respond to a situation and communicate with your pet. Livy Alive helps you stay connected with your pet at all times, even when you can't be there.
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
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Make a video and audio conversations with your pet possible

Just want to check on things or lovingly calm your dog: Livy Alive provides you with HD video live streaming and a 2-way audio intercom.
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Push notifications for loud barking

A volume sensor measures the noise level at home and informs you when your dog frustrates the neighbors with loud barking. Train your dog to be alone with Livy Alive.
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Toxic gas and smoke alarm

Exclude risks to your pet's life by being informed immediately on your smartphone thanks to the early alarm system for toxic smoke emission (CO). In alarm situations, you thus gain valuable minutes.

Measurement of sensor values for higher comfort

The Smart Living Station is equipped with numerous sensors that measure various air values, light and noise levels every second and make them available to you in real time in the Livy app. This way you can sustainably improve the comfort and air quality at home.
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Highest data privacy standards & servers in Germany

We use encrypted data transmission with high-security standards and manage all data on servers in Germany. For even more privacy we use additional security features.
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Security even in the event of Internet and power outages

The Smart Living Station is equipped with an LTE and a battery backup. This guarantees Livy's security functions even in case of internet or power outages and no alarm situation goes unnoticed.

Never again alone
in unauthorized rooms

See who's going wild

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Prevent trouble
with your neighbors

No noise pollution from barking dogs

We take care of your privacy

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Servers based in Germany

Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
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Only you have access to your Livy Alive

You allow access to your device only to trusted people within your community. Live video stream, 2-way audio and sensor values are transmitted and processed via secure encryption technology (TLS).

Feel comfortable with a camera at home

The camera is switched on manually by yourself. Before switching on, an audiovisual signal appears as an indication. This means that constant video monitoring is impossible.

Easy installation

Immediate mounting without skilled personnel

Livy Alive wird Ihnen betriebsbereit geliefert und benötigt nichts weiter als Strom und eine WLAN-Verbindung. Sie können die Station kinderleicht an der Wand befestigen. Verzichten Sie damit auf teure Monteure.
Livy einfach und unkompliziert

Easy and uncomplicated use

Livy Alive can be started up intuitively via the Livy app and supports individual functions with signals on the device. Complex configurations become unnecessary.

Advanced ceiling mounting for professionals

From above you have the best overview of the room. For ceiling mounting an additional mounting plate and a power connection is necessary, which you can get in our store.
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All-in-one security solution for your home

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