Create maximum security for your business premises with Livy Alive

The smart all-in-one security solution combines smart burglary and fire protection for more security in your office, practice, or store. One device - many features. Smartly controlled via an app and with the option to easily share access with your employees. Your data always remains protected. Learn more about Livy Alive - the Smart Living Station.

A smart security system for your premises

Livy Alive offers you an important supplement for optimal fire and burglary protection thanks to highly sensitive sensors, alarm functions, and measurement in real time. Livy informs you immediately via push notification and SMS in alarm situations. So no emergency goes unnoticed.

Stay always informed even out of business hours

In the event of an alarm, you can join the situation via an integrated camera and live video stream. Keep an eye on everything and give employees access within the community. Increase the response time in case of emergency.

Healthy working environment for your employees

The Smart Living Station measures various air, light, and noise values every second and makes them clearly available to you in the Livy app. In this way, you can ensure a healthy indoor climate and an improved working atmosphere for your employees.
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
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Burglary protection with automatic alarm activation

Increase burglary protection in an uncomplicated way thanks to automated alarm activation by geofencing. The alarm mode is switched on and off as soon as the last employee leaves or enters the building. Via the app, you can see who is on site at any time. In the event of an alarm, you will be notified immediately and can join in via the live video stream.
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Check on your business premises at any time without permanent monitoring of your employees

Join in via video live stream and talk to your employees through 2-way audio. The station gives an audio-visual signal before switching on the video live stream so that those present are informed. Thus, secret permanent monitoring is excluded.

Reliable warning in case of fire

The Smart Living Station warns you when toxic smoke emissions (CO) are produced by defective heating systems, etc., and notifies you via smartphone when the fire alarm system switches on. Use Livy Alive as a reliable early alarm system and gain valuable minutes in case of emergency.

Measurement of air quality, noise level and brightness

Precise sensors measure temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, air pressure, brightness, and noise level every second. All data, including analysis, are available to you in the app and you receive push notifications in the event of heat, frost, or mold risk. Create the perfect working climate for you and your employees.
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Access for your employees thanks to community function

The community function in the app allows you to integrate employees and trusted persons with individual access to the various security features and quick notification in the event of an alarm to all community members. In this way, you increase the response time in the event of an alarm and make sure your premises will be safe at any time.
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Highest data privacy standards & servers in Germany

We use encrypted data transmission with high-security standards and manage all data on servers in Germany. For even more privacy, we have additional security features. Enjoy maximum security for your business premises and your data.

Protect the data from your clients

Protected against power or internet outage

Healthy indoor climate
for more productivity

Create a safe & productive environment for your employees

Giving access
to employees

No emergency goes unnoticed thanks to community function

We respect your privacy

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You decide who gets access

You allow access to your device only to trusted people within your community. Live video stream, 2-way audio, and sensor values are transmitted and processed via secure encryption technology (TLS). Third parties do not get access.
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Servers based in Germany

Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
Livy Kamera

Employee privacy despite the integrated camera

The camera is switched on manually by yourself. Before switching on, an audiovisual signal appears as an indication. This means that there is no constant video monitoring and your employees' privacy is protected.
Livy Alive Smart Living Station

More security for practice and business premises

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