Smart remote care for family members, easier than ever.

Are you looking for an uncomplicated solution to simplify the daily care of relatives? With our compact Smart Living Station, you receive notifications in dangerous situations and can communicate with your loved ones remotely via livestream. Livy Alive is the privacy-compliant solution for smart care support for seniors and those in need of care at home.
Verbunden bleiben mit Ihren Liebsten, Livy Alive, Fernbetreuung, Smarte Pflegeanwendung

Stay connected
with your loved ones

In an emergency, no one wants to be alone.

Livy Alive erkennt frühzeitig potentielle Gefahren wie Brand, Bewegung oder laute Geräusche

No alarm situation goes unnoticed

The Smart Living Station detects movement and measures various air values thanks to numerous sensors. In this way, potential risks are detected at an early stage. The detection is passive. So unlike conventional home emergency call systems, you do not have to take any action.
Die Livy App ermöglich einfachste Smart Home Interaktion von überall mit dem Smartphone

Stay informed at any time

If an alarm is triggered, you will be informed immediately on your smartphone via push notification or SMS. You can coordinate within the community or check up on things directly via video live stream and 2-way audio. Stay informed at any time.
Mit Livy Alive immer und alles im Blick um nach den Rechten zu sehen dank HD Kamera und 2 Wege Audio

Easy handling via smartphone

The compact station is simple and intuitive to operate via the app. Relatives in need of care do not have to learn complicated systems or press special buttons. You can easily access the device remotely at any time, activate alarms, and communicate with your loved ones.
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Smoke and carbon monoxide detection

Livy Alive is equipped with smoke alarm detection and CO detector, providing early warning of left-on stove tops or burning candles that are becoming a source of the fire.

Motion detection with a notification function

Thanks to the precise radar, you can see at a glance whether someone is in the room. Or you can be notified, for example, as soon as family members get out of bed.
Lärm icon

Identification of unusual sounds

Livy Alive measures the noise level. In case of high noise, you will be informed via push notification and can check on it. *Soon also with a "call for help" detection.
Kamera icon

HD camera and 2-way audio intercom function

Livy Alive is equipped with an HD-180° wide-angle camera, high-quality microphones, and speakers, enabling live video streaming and audio conversations for a direct exchange with your loved ones.
Nachtlicht Icon

Smart night light for fall prevention

Livy Alive reacts to movement in the dark and switches on an indirect light source as long as movement is detected. This significantly reduces the risk of falls for your loved ones at night.
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Highest data privacy standards and servers in Germany

We use encrypted data transmission with high-security standards and manage all data on servers in Germany. For even more privacy we use additional security features.

Ensure everything is fine

We take care of your privacy

Livy Datenschutz Standard Deutschland Server Smart Home Living Station

Servers exclusively in Germany

Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
Livy Datenschutz

Only you have access to your Livy Alive

You allow access to your device only to trusted people within your community. Live video stream, 2-way audio, and sensor values are transmitted and processed via secure encryption technology (TLS).
Livy Kamera

Feel comfortable with a camera at home

The camera is switched on manually by yourself. Before switching on, an audiovisual signal appears as an indication. This means that constant video monitoring is impossible.
Livy Alive Nachtlicht

Prevent falls
thanks to night light

Livy Alive protects even in the dark

Livy Nachtlicht
Schutz vor Gasvergiftung

Protection against fire
and gas poisoning

Livy Alive zur Betreuung von Senioren und Pflegebedürftigen Angehörigen. Brandschutz bei Demenz

No fire remains unnoticed

Livy Alive Smart Living Station Video-Livestream mit 2-Wege-Audio Sprechfunktion

Push-notifications of unusual sounds

Livy Alive einfache Installation Banner

Easy installation

Livy Montage

Immediate mounting without skilled personnel

Livy Alive is delivered to you ready to use and requires nothing more than power and a Wi-Fi connection. You can easily mount the station on the wall. You do not need to hire expensive installers.
Livy einfach und unkompliziert

Simple and uncomplicated use

Livy Alive can be operated intuitively via the Livy app and supports individual functions with signals on the device. Complex configurations become unnecessary.
Livy Alive an der Decke installieren

Advanced ceiling mounting for professionals

From above you have the best overview of the room. For ceiling mounting an additional mounting plate and a power connection is necessary, which you can get in our store.
Order mounting plate
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More support
thanks to your community

Create your own security team and contribute to more self-determination

Stay connected and create independence at the same time: Livy Alive's community function networks you with your relatives and allows you to exchange information directly in the event of an alarm. This way, relatives in need of care can live self-determined but safe in their own homes and you don't have to worry about unnoticed emergencies.
Nachbarschaftshilfe mit Livy, Community Funktion Livy App 01

Involve neighbors or caregivers

Create a team and connect with your family members via the Livy app. In the event of an alarm, you can act faster together and communicate with each other.
Nachbarschaftshilfe mit Livy, Community Funktion Livy App 02

Livy will take care of your loved ones in case of emergency

If a potential danger is detected, Livy Alive immediately informs all community members via push notification or SMS and allows you to check on it.
Livy GeoAssistant, Community Funktion in der Livy App

Do not waste time in case of emergency

Using the video live stream and a 2-way intercom function, community members can immediately get into the situation and react in alarm situations.
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