10 Hiding Places That Every Burglar Knows


You think that the best way to protect your valuables from burglars is to simply hide them well? Unfortunately, this strategy is rarely successful, because every burglar knows these hiding places:

1. In the Closet


Your valuables are well hidden in the closet? Unfortunately you are not alone with this opinion. That's why closets are the first port of call for burglars.

2. Under the Mattress

Mattress with Teddy Bear

The classic: Simply stuff your savings under the mattress. Well meant, but not a good idea. Everybody knows it.

3. In the Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar

The particularly "creative" think that this is a great hiding place: the cookie jar! But most likely, when the burglar feels slightly hypoglycaemic while he's going through your home, he'll find your hiding place while snacking.

4. Within Books

Books on Table

Probably the best hiding place for banknotes: books. Our tip - Don't do it!

5. In a Flower Vase

Flowers in a Vase

A burglar would certainly not think of this: the flower vase. But unfortunately so inconspicuous that it it becomes noticeable again.

6. Under a Flower Pot

Flower Pot

The same applies here as for number 5, except that the burglar will notice that you were probably too lazy to hide your valuables all that well.

7. Behind Picture Frames

Picture Frames

This hiding place is perhaps not so bad. However, since burglars expect secret hiding places - like a safe full of diamonds - behind a picture frame, sooner or later this hiding place will also be discovered.

8. In the Refrigerator


The combination of a hungry burglar and a bulging fridge could quickly blow the lid off this hideout.

9. In a Lockable Cabinet or Drawer

Keys in a Door

Here the burglar will think, "Hmm, a locked cabinet. I wonder if there are valuables inside? Probably not!", and will continue searching through number 10...

10. In the Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

Your laundry should already be so disgustingly dirty so that you can keep a burglar from sniffing around in your dirty laundry. He will probably do it anyway.

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