Enjoy your open space concept with smart security and intelligent comfort at home

Living kitchens are the central place for gathering family life. Cooking, baking, and sitting together to chat - let your eat-in kitchen become not only the most beautiful, but also the safest place in your home with Livy Alive. The Smart Living Station combines smoke detector detection, CO detector, night light, security camera, and 2-way audio in just one device for you

The ideal solution
for open kitchens

This device is to become the smart homes’ 
 ‘Swiss Army Knife’. 
With Livy Alive, a Berlin start-up has built 
a smart living station that includes lots of 
sensors. In the test, it shows that many 
functions are offered which 
make the home safer.
Livy Alive Sicherheitsfunktionen

Advanced alert system for carbon monoxide

Livy Alive is equipped with a highly sensitive co-sensor and, thanks to real-time measurement, offers you optimal fire protection in your kitchen and living room even without an additional smoke detector.
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Advanced burglary protection with video recording

Protect your home when you are away by setting the Smart Living Station to alarm mode. A highly sensitive radar detects movement and triggers a siren. The integrated camera records a video sequence and makes it available to you immediately on your smartphone.
Smart Home Schnittstellen

Reach maximum comfort in your smart home

Use the full potential of Livy Alive and integrate the station into your smart home system. Through various integrations, you have the possibility to enjoy maximum comfort at home and create your own smart home automatizations. Use Livy Alive soon also in Apple Homekit.
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details
Livy Alive Details

Safe fire protection also in your kitchen

A highly sensitive CO sensor measures the gas concentration of carbon monoxide in the room air every second. If a threshold value is exceeded, Livy Alive immediately triggers an alarm and sends you a message immediately. The station thus reliably protects you from fire without triggering false alarms due to cooking steam.
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Burglary protection with video recording & siren

A precise motion sensor registers even the smallest movements. In case of an alarm, you will receive a notification on your smartphone and a loud siren will scare burglars on site. For your safety, the camera records a short video sequence and stores it for you to view in the cloud.
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Video and audio calls on the go or room to room

Built-in super wide-angle camera and 2-way audio talk function lets you join the livestream from anywhere and talk to residents or your family members in the room.
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Intelligent night light for more comfort and safety

Livy Alive reacts to movement in the dark and switches on an indirect light source as long as movement is detected. The illumination is sufficient to move safely through the room in the dark.
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Smart home integration for an intelligent home

Integrate Livy Alive into your smart home system to combine it with other devices. The Smart Living Station is compatible with Google, IFTTT, SIRI, and soon with HomeKit and Alexa. Use the full potential of Livy Alive and enable your own individual automation.
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Highest data protection standards & servers in Germany

We use encrypted data transmission with high-security standards and manage all data on servers in Germany. For even more privacy, we use additional security features.

Oven plate left on? And no smoke detectors in the kitchen?

Livy Hilferuf erkennung

Video live stream
with intercom function

Keep everything in view with the 2-way audio function

Livy Alive Smart Living Station Video-Livestream mit 2-Wege-Audio Sprechfunktion
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Feel safe even when you are absent

We take your
privacy seriously

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Full view. Crystal Clear. By day and by night. Thanks to 8MP camera with night vision sensors and 180° lens, Livy Alive offers you the best overview in a video livestream at any time. In case of alarm, video sequences are recorded.

Livy Datenschutz Standard Deutschland Server Smart Home Living Station

Our servers are based in Germany

Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
Livy Kamera

Feel good with camera at home

The camera is switched on manually by you. Before switching on, an audiovisual signal appears as an indication. This means that constant video monitoring does not take place.
Livy Alive Nachtlicht

Smart comfort
even at night

Automate your home equipment

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Easy installation

Livy Montage

Immediate mounting without skilled personnel

Livy Alive is delivered to you ready to use and requires nothing more than power and a Wi-Fi connection. You can easily mount the station on the wall. You do not need to hire expensive installers.

Simple and uncomplicated use

Livy Alive can be operated intuitively via the Livy app and supports individual functions with signals on the device. Complex configurations become unnecessary.
Livy Alive an der Decke installieren

Advanced ceiling mounting for professionals

From above you have the best overview of the room and there are no dead corners. For ceiling mounting an additional mounting plate and power is necessary, which you can get in our store.
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