Livy is ready for Matter

Livy ist bereit für Matter

The time will finally come in the fall of 2022: The new smart home communication standard Matter is to be launched. The Livy Alive Smart Living Station from HUM Systems is already ready for the launch.

Matter brings the future home

Matter was jointly developed by Apple, Amazon, Google, SmartThings and many other industry manufacturers to have a common smart home communication standard in the future. Matter-enabled devices communicate with each other via Thread, WLAN or bridges. The Smart Living Station already has the technical requirements needed by the new standard, making it one of the first devices to be "Matter-ready." Once the Matter standard is available, the Smart Living Station can also be integrated into Apple's Homekit.

For users, Matter finally means full interoperability of devices and unrestricted integration into all interfaces such as Alexa, Google Assistant and others. Livy users do not have to do anything else to benefit from Matter. The new communication standard is automatically rolled out to the Livy Alive stations via a firmware update and is then immediately available.

A mesh network is created via the networking of the thread module already installed in the Smart Living Station: thermostats, smart lighting and sound systems, as well as individual sensors communicate directly from device to device, thus dispensing with a partly manufacturer-owned bridge as an essential interface, as before.

"Our Smart Living Station has a Thread module and is therefore already ready for integration with the new Matter communication standard," says Ali Reza Humanfar, CEO of HUM Systems. "Thread was designed specifically for use in the smart home and brings User:inside many advantages in networking smart components. Compared to WLAN and Bluetooth, Thread is particularly stable the more devices are linked together. Both permanently powered and battery-operated devices respond extremely quickly with Thread, regardless of the size of a network. For this reason, Thread is also particularly relevant for use in larger residential units or homes. As Ali Reza Humanfar points out, Thread operates in a particularly energy-efficient manner and is thus at the same time especially resource-saving, because battery-powered devices are given a significantly longer service life. "We see Matter as a revolutionary opportunity for a seamless user experience." says Ali Reza Humanfar. "That's why we're excited to be part of Matter with our devices right from the beginning."

About HUM Systems GmbH

HUM Systems is a Berlin-based IoT (Internet of Things) company founded in 2017, with a focus on the smart home market. The abbreviation

HUM stands for the English words HUMAN and MACHINE and expresses the claim of the multi-award-winning start-up to bring people (HUMAN) and technology (MACHINE) together in intelligent systems (SYSTEMS).

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About the Livy brand family

With Livy Protect, HUM Systems has created a user-friendly, all-in-one smart home product that addresses three main needs of people in buildings: Livy Protect allows users to protect their homes from fire and burglary, monitor temperature, humidity and air quality, and, through the use of the Livy app, engage a community of family and friends who are notified via push notification in the event of an alarm. As part of its cooperation with energy provider Vattenfall, HUM Systems has already developed and launched two generations of Livy Protect devices. Since October 2021, the Livy Alive smart living station has also been available for users, thus setting another milestone for the smart living company.

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