Livy now also available for Alexa users with new functions

Livy ab sofort auch für Alexa-Nutzer:innen mit neuen Funktionsmöglichkeiten

Finally, the time has come for Amazon Alexa users: Livy Protect and Livy Alive can now also be integrated with the Alexa voice assistant, offering users smart new possibilities.

One compact station - endless possibilities

For some time now, the Smart Living Station from Livy has been controllable via smart home services such as IFTTT, Siri and Google Assistant. Since September, the station now also opens up new possibilities for Alexa users for automations and voice-controlled applications. With this, we are setting another milestone in our product development and enabling our users to benefit from a wide range of new functions.

"For convinced smart home user:ins, the integration of our Smart Living Station with Alexa will ignite a versatile and almost limitless range of functions, which at the same time makes many individual devices superfluous," says founder and CEO Ali Reza Humanfar.

"The compact station is already equipped with quite a few sensors, motion detectors, HD wide-angle camera and 2-way audio, and therefore offers quite a few functions for security and home comfort. With Alexa, the sensors can also be used and expanded in combination with other smart home devices. The station thus unfolds its full potential and becomes a true all-in-one solution. Those who like it less extensive, but pay special attention to fire and burglary protection, can integrate our Livy Protect into their smart home and, among other things, control the alarm modes via Alexa in the future."

The user:inside of the Smart Living Station can switch the alarm on and off in the future via the familiar voice assistance Alexa, query temperatures or, for example, use the motion detector as a trigger for routines in combination with other smart devices. Those who have previously equipped their smart home with Alexa-compatible smart home devices should now reach the next level of convenience with the Smart Living Station and enjoy the new automation options.

Download the Livy Skill for free in the Amazon Skill Store now.

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