"Alexa, activate Livy alarm mode".

Integrating Livy into your smart home via Alexa opens up completely new possibilities for smart routines. Today we want to show which functions can be operated via the voice assistance Alexa and how you can link the motion sensor with other devices to individual routines.

Control Livy's alarm mode via voice command

Simply set your Livy to alarm mode via voice command as soon as you leave your home or deactivate it when you arrive home.

To do this, simply name the device, room, and location of the Livy device you want to put into alarm mode.

If you have Livy Protect, use :

"Alexa, enable Protect alarm mode hallway in My Home."

"Alexa, deactivate Protect Alarm Mode Hallway in My Home."

If you own Livy Alive, use:

"Alexa, enable Alive Alarm Mode Hallway in Office."

"Alexa, disable Alive Alarm Mode Hallway in Office."

You can include device activation in routines and set multiple devices to alarm mode at the same time.

Note: Deactivation is only possible for individual devices via a custom command and a security pin code set in the Alexa app. This prevents uninvited guests from turning off your Livy's alarm mode with a simple voice command.

For instructions on integrating Livy with Alexa, see our Help Center article.

Routines in the Alexa app are a convenient thing and especially useful for many individual things. Create routines with Livy and Alexa that will make your home even safer:

When you turn on the Livy alarm mode, you can set this as a trigger and action and create individual routines with other smart devices.

For example, turning on alarm mode can cause your smart blinds to also lower or small smart lights to turn on.

Ask Alexa about the temperature or humidity in the room

"Alexa, how warm is it in the living room?"

"Alexa, what is the temperature in the living room?"

From now on, you can conveniently ask the temperature, humidity or air quality in the room from your sofa. Use the temperature as a trigger for your own routines.

If the temperature is too high, for example, you can have Alexa announce this to you as a ventilation notice or indicate it via a light signal using smart light bulbs.

If the temperature is below your comfort level, you can have Alexa switch on smart heating thermostats.

More individual routines thanks to the Smart Living Station's motion detector.

In combination with the Smart Living Station's motion detector and Alexa, you can bring a very special comfort to your smart home.

For example, create a morning routine where your favorite songs are played as soon as you walk down the hall for the first time in the morning, and your coffee is freshly brewed on the side.

Connect your smart lights to the motion detector and, for example, have a soft light come on in the bathroom, hallways or living room at night so you don't bump into furniture edges and avoid unnecessary glare from glaring overhead lights.
You can also use the motion detector in the morning, for example, so that your smart door lock unlocks automatically when you get up to get the Sunday paper.

Have you already created your own routines with Livy and have helpful tips for our community?
Write us your experiences in the comments and we'll include them in our article. Thank you and keep having fun with Livy and Alexa.

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