Livy Alive Pro
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)
Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)

Livy Alive Pro (incl. 24 months Livy Pro Plan)

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Livy Alive. The Smart Living Station for a tangibly connected home. More connectivity. Fewer devices. HD camera with 180° super-wide angle. High-performance sensors. Powerful processor. Brilliant sound quality. Full light spectrum. Adaptive design.

HD Video Live Streaming with Super Wide Angle

Livy Alive transmits razor-sharp images in real time. With a 180° super wide-angle camera, Livy Alive overlooks the entire room to avoid blind spots. The smallest abnormalities are quickly detected. The Livy app allows users to decide when to activate the camera. Only in the event of an alarm does the camera automatically switch on and record a short video sequence of the situation. The video recordings are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in a cloud within servers in Germany for 30 days and then deleted. Livy Alive also provides high-quality night vision in the dark with an automatic IR filter.

2-way audio in brilliant sound quality

 Livy Alive enables direct voice interaction in high sound quality via the Livy app with people in the room. To do this, it combines the signal from the four integrated microphones in such a way that, thanks to noise reduction and signal amplification, crystal-clear sound can be heard at all times - regardless of the position from which people are speaking in the room. A high-quality loudspeaker ensures quality voice and sound reproduction with a volume of up to 90 dB. 

Motion alarm with siren 

Livy Alive uses radar technology for precise motion & presence detection. In case of anomalies, Livy Alive sends a push message to its users and the community via the Livy app so that they can react immediately and records a short video sequence with which the cause can be determined and possible evidence can be secured. In addition, a loud siren sounds after a countdown. Alternatively, a silent mode without siren can be used. 

Acoustic detection of the smoke detector alarm

 Livy Alive's intelligent sound detection detects the acoustic signal of existing smoke detectors and notifies the selected community members:inside via the Livy app. 

Noise warning

Loud noises can indicate a household accident or an attempted burglary. Livy Alive determines the average noise level of the room. If this is above a threshold, you and other residents will be notified via a push message. This function can be switched off at will - for example, when a party is being held. 

Audio-visual feedback

If certain functions, such as the camera, are activated, Livy notifies you via a signal tone and colored LEDs. In the event of an alarm, Livy also makes itself known via a loud alarm and red lighting. This function is particularly advantageous for children and visually or hearing impaired persons.

Warning for toxic CO

The odorless and invisible gas carbon monoxide (CO) is toxic and can be life-threatening. Since most smoke detectors warn of carbon dioxide, the Livy Alive offers important added value with its dedicated CO sensor. The carbon monoxide content in the room air is measured via the highly sensitive sensor. If the guideline value is exceeded, Livy Alive sounds the alarm before a toxic concentration for humans occurs.

Determination of a health index

A good indoor environment has a positive effect on the health, concentration and sleep patterns of the occupants. Advanced sensors constantly measure air values such as temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2, noise, brightness and the air pressure of the room. When threshold values are reached, Livy Alive gives ventilation instructions to ensure a healthy indoor climate. A detailed overview of the measurements is summarized and visualized in the Livy app.

Fail-safe due to battery & LTE backup

In the event of a power outage or poor internet, Livy Alive operates via battery and LTE backup so that alarm messages continue to be sent.
Video recording is performed and stored locally even during outages. When the internet connection is restored, the video is uploaded.


Designed & Developed in Berlin

The Livy Alive was developed by German engineers in Berlin with the aim of creating a particularly safe and functional smart living station. The highest quality sensors worldwide were carefully selected, the majority of which are made in Germany. The hardware, software and digital infrastructure were specially developed by Berlin-based manufacturer HUM Systems to ensure full control over functions and data security.
All data is transmitted encrypted and stored exclusively on servers in Germany.

Invisible technology. Adaptive design.

The shape and form of the Livy Alive perfectly integrates into any environment, yet is a real eye-catcher.
The powerful technology is combined in an elegant device with a futuristic design. The mirrored surface reflects the room and allows color matching to any environment. The housing hides the camera from outsiders. Rounded edges provide an elegant look. On the translucent back, LEDs indirectly illuminate the wall or ceiling, revealing the invisible device when needed. A fabric cover encases the device and forms a bridge to the homely ambience.


Livy Alive finds its perfect place in every home.
To integrate optimally, there are two installation options. A quick start-up is done by mounting it on the wall. Here, the supplied magnetic mount is glued or screwed to the wall, to which the device magnetically docked. Power is supplied via the wall socket with the included USB-C power adapter.

Installation on the ceiling offers the advantage of an optimal overview of the room and does not disturb the usual living environment. This requires the Livy Power Plate, which allows a permanent power supply via the existing lighting system or free ceiling connections 
When connected to the existing lighting system, it can also be switched on and off via a relay in the Livy Power Plate via App .

Interface to other smart home products

Livy Alive combines the most important sensors for a connected home in one device. Thus, Livy Alive offers the perfect interface as a sensor data point and the expansion of your own smart home network. A wide range of automations can be realized via integration with Google Home, IFTTT and soon HomeKit. In addition, Livy Alive will become a gateway replacement for other smart home products in the future through an integrated ZigBee and Thread module.


Our mission is to connect people with modern technology.
The community, that is, the community is very important to us. Livy Alive offers numerous possibilities to share accesses via app and to communicate with each other. In the case of abnormalities or in an emergency, it is encouraging to know that relatives, trusted persons and neighbors are informed and that you are not alone.

Further functions with Livy Alive are constantly being developed further and are available via software update. 

All functions at a glance

  • Encrypted HD video live stream with 180° super wide-angle view and night vision mode
  • Recording of video sequences in case of alarm
  • 30 days video cloud storage on servers in Germany
  • 2-way audio in premium sound quality
  • Motion detection with siren (up to 90dB)
  • Motion detection in silent mode
  • Smoke detector alarm detection with voice alert
  • Carbon monoxide alarm with siren and voice warning
  • Health index for rooms
  • Measurement of CO2, air quality (VOC), temperature, humidity, air pressure, brightness and volume
  • Push notifications in case of noise
  • LTE and battery backup in case of internet or power outage
  • Additional SMS notifications in case of alarm for 3 people
  • GeoAssistant for automatic alarm activation
  • Community function for extended access rights
  • House and apartment protection letter with cost coverage of up to 500 euros in the event of household breakdowns (locksmith, burst pipe, electrical installation, etc.)
  • Regular software updates with additional functions and security enhancements

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Livy Alive incl. mounting kit for the wall

  • Livy Pro Services included for 24 months (thereafter optional 14,95 € / month)

Click here for technical specifications (German, English)