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Livy Alive - Smart Living Station
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Livy Alive
Livy Alive Funktionen
Livy Alive technische Details
Livy Alive Installation
Livy Alive Vorteile und Awards
Livy App
Livy Alive - Smart Living Station
Livy Alive Schnittstellen
Livy Alive Design

Livy Alive - Smart Living Station

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All functions with the Livy app at a glance

Basic features:

- HD video live streaming in 180° super-wide-angle view with night vision mode and zoom function.
- Motion detection with siren (up to 90dB)
- Smoke detector siren detection CO gas detection with siren and voice warning
- Automatic night light in case of movement and darkness
- Measurement of CO2, air quality (VOC), temperature, humidity, air pressure, brightness, and volume
- Community function for extended access rights
- Regular software updates with additional functions and security enhancements
- Encrypted data communication

 Data processing on servers in Germany

Additional features with Livy Pro Plan:

30 days included for new customers, thereafter optionally bookable for 14,95€ / month

Recording of 30 seconds video sequence in case of alarm
- 30 days video cloud storage on servers in Germany
- 2-way audio in high sound quality
- 24h-history of temperature, humidity, and (VOC)Push notifications in case of mold, frost, or heat danger
- Push messages in case of noise
- LTE and battery backup in case of internet or power outage
- Additional SMS notifications in case of alarm for 3 people
- GeoAssistant for automatic alarm activation
- Silent motion detection without siren
- House and apartment insurance with cost coverage of up to 500 euros in the event of household breakdowns (locksmith, burst pipe, electrical installation, etc.)

➜ Interfaces: Google Home, Siri, IFTTT, Homekit from summer 2022.

Scope of delivery

1x Livy Alive

1x Mounting set for the wall

1x Livy Pro Plan (included for 24 months, then optionally book again).

➜ Click here for product specification (German, English)

➜ Introductory offer: Livy Alive for € 379.00 instead of an RRP of € 718.00

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    Frequently asked questions

    What requirements do I have to meet to put Livy Alive into operation?

    To put Livy Alive into operation and ensure proper functioning at all times, the Smart Living Station must be permanently connected to the power grid and connected to your WLAN. For further installation and use of the functions, use the free Livy app. In just a few steps, you have installed the device in the app and Livy Alive is immediately ready for use. The station is easily attached to the wall via an included bracket and an adhesive pad or screws. As of July 2022, the station can be installed on the ceiling with an additional accessory and powered from free ceiling outlets or the existing lighting system.

    How many units do I need for optimal coverage and can I use multiple units in one location?

    For optimal coverage, you ideally need one device in each room. Depending on the floor plan, you can also get by with one device for 2 rooms. You can also combine Livy Alive with other Livy devices, e.g. Livy Protect. You can register as many devices in your location as you like and then control them centrally via an app. By the way, you only need one Livy Pro plan per location for as many devices as you want.

    How does the Livy Alive camera work?

    The camera from the Smart Living Station is turned off during normal operation. A video live stream can only be set up by authorized user:s via the Livy app. To protect the privacy of people in the room, the device plays a sound and light signal on site before it is turned on. Only in alarm situations such as smoke, gas or motion alarms, the camera will turn on automatically for a short time and record a video sequence for you for 30 seconds, which will then be made available in the history for 30 days. The data from Video-Livestream is transmitted via secure encryption technology (TLS) and processed exclusively on servers in Germany.

    How secure is my data?

    Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany. You only allow access to your device to trusted persons within your community. Video live stream, 2-way audio and sensor values are transmitted and processed via secure encryption technology (TLS). We as the manufacturer, HUM Systems GmbH based in Berlin, always work DSGVO compliant and are regularly audited by independent institutes.
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    Livy Alive is a 5-time winner of the PLUS X AWARD: