Refurbished products from Livy with warranty

Receive the same two-year warranty as new products and Livy's promise of quality refurbished products.

We take sustainability seriously - it's more than just a slogan.

Every electronic device contains valuable resources, which had to be extracted through the use of chemicals. Despite their rarity, only about 45% of electronic waste is given away in Germany. With our RELivy program, we recondition already used but flawless devices so that they can continue to be used. In this way, we reduce the amount of raw materials required and the associated CO2 emissions.

Guaranteed quality



Rare earth mining uses chemicals that are toxic to humans and the environment. With RELivy, we use the potential of used equipment to reduce additional raw material use and CO2 emissions.

Save money

Buying RELivy devices means not only extra karma points but also cash you can save. The RELivys are up to 50% cheaper.

Full service

Whether you buy a new or refurbished Livy alarm device makes no difference to us. You enjoy the same service from our support team, which is available for all your concerns. If something is wrong with the device, you will receive our full service.

No compromise on fire protection

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