The Livy Alive subscription is the perfect entry into smart security

Get the Smart Living Station including 24 months Pro-Plan for a total of only 24,95 € / month.*

Included in the subscription:

Livy Alive Smart Living Station

Livy Alive

Smart Living Station combines precise sensors with a super wide-angle camera and gateway.
Livy Plus Pro Plan

Livy Pro Plan

With the Livy Pro plan, you get unlimited access to all additional features and enjoy maximum security and comfort.
Livy All Inclusive

Everything is included for a smart start.

With the Livy Alive Pro subscription, you get a Smart Living Station and the Livy Pro Plan for unlimited access to all Livy app features. Only one Livy Pro Plan is needed per location - no matter how many devices you install.
Livy günstig

Pay less. No extras or hidden costs.

Save compared to a one-time purchase: Instead of high acquisition costs, you pay for the Smart Living Station in 24 monthly payments. After that, the device becomes your property.

Zero risk with 30 days trial included.

Not quite sure if Livy Alive is the right device for you? We'll give you 30 days to test the Smart Living Station and its features. If you're not satisfied, we'll take the device back and terminate the contract.

All subscription benefits at a glance

The Livy Alive Smart Living Station becomes your full property after 24 monthly payments and you can continue to use Livy Alive without any further payments.
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Only one contract is needed: The Livy Pro plan, worth €14.95 / month, is included in your subscription for unlimited devices per location.
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Livy at a special price: You save more than 200,00€ compared to the single purchase of Livy Alive and a Pro Plan for 24 months.
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You can easily give other residents access to the devices via the app and thus connect them with each other.
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Zero risk with 30 days cancellation guarantee from the contract if you are dissatisfied. Write us and we will cancel your contract.
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Technical support with excellent customer satisfaction and assistance with all your questions about using Livy Alive.

Subscribe to Livy Alive Pro now for 24,95 € / month*.

Livy Alive including 24 months of Pro services for a total of € 24.95 instead of € 44.95 / month incl. VAT. & shipping. The minimum contract period is 24 months. After the term, the hardware becomes your property. After 24 months you can keep the Livy Pro services for 14,95 € / month. You can cancel the contract monthly after the term.