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Livy Plus - 6 months duration

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or with device starting from 11,50€/month

Purchase a 6-months access code for Livy Plus.

Book our Livy Plus plan with a 6-months term at a special price for your Livy Protect or Alive devices and benefit from numerous additional services for even more smart security.
Would you like to improve the comfort of your home in the long term, ensure an optimal indoor climate and reduce your heating costs?
Our 6-months Livy Plus plan gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our additional services and the extra comfort you want, conveniently and without hidden additional costs.

With Livy Plus, you of course get access to all basic functions of the Livy app, as well as:

Livy Plus services:

  • SMS in case of alarm for up to 3 users
  • Silent Alarm - motion alarm without siren
  • GeoAssistant - automatic alarm activation / deactivation
  • Noise Alarm - notifications for noise above 76 dB
  • Healthy Air Guide - 24h history and evaluation of air values
  • Mold and frost warning
  • Home emergency insurance
  • Who is at home? - Status display of residents
  • Regularly more new functions

Included: The code can be redeemed in the Livy app under the location settings. All devices and users can access Livy Plus services within the activated location.

Validity: The code is active for 6 months from the day of redemption. Access to our Livy Plus services will be automatically turned off after expiration. No hidden additional costs, no long contract commitment. After expiration, all basic functions in the app will of course remain available and can be used without restriction.

You can find an overview of the basic functions here.